Recovery and Repair Services

Auto Recovery Centre is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive 24/7 service that covers all areas of vehicle recovery and roadside repairs on most private and commercial vehicles, from cars to HGV trucks throughout Warrington and surrounding areas. We guarantee that all our bespoke services will be carried out according to the highest standards of safety to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our team can also attend ,tyre breakdowns, locking wheel nut removal, puncture repairs, as well as hgv curtain repairs, welding on trucks such as mudguards stays and chassis components , Also transfer goods from an overloaded vehicle to secondary trucks.or reload trucks due to overload or damaged and faulty trucks, Additionally, our secure premises allows us to store any vehicle following an accident . Get in touch today to take advantage of our committed team and quick response time.CALL 01925 224213 for prompt assistance.

Vehicle Recovery

We specialise in providing a reliable, 24/7 vehicle recovery service for vehicles of all sizes throughout Warrington and surrounding areas, including Leigh , wigan, St helens. Our equipment includes service vans, Recovery trucks, forklift truck for un load and reload overweight vehicles off-road 4x4 with winches, all of which allows us to recover an extensive variety of vehicles. Our off-road recovery service can recover either just a vehicle stuck in mud off road, to burnouts off road for insurance companies. Mobility Scooters
Motorcycles and mopeds
HGV Trucks
European Trucks
Off-Road Vehicles and 4x4s
Trailers used to carry plant similar to mini diggers and road compressors.

Also tyres fitted to Horse boxes either road side or we come to your site.
mobile Diagnostic check on cars vans and commercial vehicles
Reposession of vehicles, we have the expertise to gain entry to vehicles with no keys and recover them to auction or place of storage.

Roadside Assistance and Repairs

In addition to our vehicle recovery service, we also offer a roadside repair service to assist with a wide range of minor faults on most private and commercial vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans.
Our tyre van allows us to change or repair tyres of varying sizes on vehicles that have suffered punctures or blowouts. We also offer a highly specialised service to assist with any tyre problems on horseboxes, guaranteeing that your horsebox will arrive at your final destination in perfect condition.
We also have a range of service vans that enable us to fix other faults, including replacing batteries and light bulbs, all available in varying sizes to suit your vehicle. For any more significant problems, we will recover your vehicle and conduct any necessary repairs in our fully stocked workshop.
Our team can also assist with any problems with European trucks in the North West area, including replacing batteries, repairs to braking systems, including air springs,brake air chambers, replace mudguards after vehicle has a blown tyre, curtain and roof repairs.
we can also arrange to pay fines for European trucks visiting the uk.


Call us today on 0192 522 4213 to see how our team can help you.

24 hour recovery for motorbikes cars vans and commercials, as well as onsite repair when necessary.

Recover vehicles after an accident and store and hire cars provided for non fault accidents

Service van for truck onsite repairs from air leaks, jump starts to onsite welding we also assist European and Eastern European trucks visiting this country for minor repairs road side assistance.

Fully equipped truck tyre service van. We stock the most popular tyre sizes and will supply and fit at road side horseboxes . all trucks catered for, also punctures on truck repaired roadside. we can also attend car and van tyre faults with either no spare or fit your spare wheel!

On site tautliner, curtain repair on site, welding repairs to trucks ie trailer door hinges and mudguard and fit after blow out.
Agents for most reputable clubs and organisations for car and commercial recovery
Locking wheel nut service
Fuel drains when wrong fuel put in vehicle, petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol
just call 019 252 242 13 or 07836661045