Auto Recovery Centre

Auto Recovery Centre specialises in providing high-quality vehicle recovery and roadside repairs to anyone in need of assistance in Warrington and surrounding areas. Our experienced team can recover an extensive variety of private and commercial vehicles, from small mobility scooters to 44 ton HGV trucks. We can also swiftly fix any minor faults at the roadside to help get you on your way as quickly as possible.


quick and efficient
roadside tyre repair

Our versatile tyre van allows us to offer a quick and efficient roadside tyre repair and replacement service to cars, vans, trucks, and especially horseboxes, ensuring you, your passengers, and your load always arrive at your final destination safely. Additionally, our specialised vans also allow us to offer roadside battery replacement for batteries of all sizes, regardless of your vehicle’s location. We also offer our services to any European trucks, quickly repairing any faults that may occur after long-distance driving or long-term parking

delivering a bespoke,
customer-centric experience

We take great pride in delivering a bespoke, customer-centric experience in all our services, and offer all our professional services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring we are always on hand to provide assistance when you need us. The convenient location of our depot allows us to cover all the major motorways surrounding the WA12 8DN postcode, as well as all other roads and off-road locations in the area. All vehicles are removed and repaired in the safest possible way by members of our highly trained and experienced team. Call us today on 0192 522 4213 to see how our team can help you.

We aLso offer

Winters fast approaching if you have a flat battery on a cold morning or your vehicle has been stood for some time we can despatch a vehicle to your home to jump start or fit a new battery

24 hour recovery for motorbikes cars vans and commercials, as well as onsite repair when necessary.

Recover vehicles after an accident and
store and hire cars provided for non fault accidents

Service van for truck onsite repairs from air leaks, jump starts we also assist foreign trucks visiting this country for minor repairs road side assistance.

Fully equipped truck tyre service van. We stock the most popular tyre sizes and will supply and fit at road side horseboxes . all trucks catered for, we can also attend car and van tyre faults with either no spare or fit your spare wheel!

On site tautliner , curtain repair on site, welding repairs to trucks ie trailer door hinges and mudguard and fit after blow out.

Had an accident not your fault, call us first we can bill your insurance company direct , taking the stress out of your accident.

Do you have a problem with a load shift, or need a load transfering
we can attend the scene with a forklift remove the load and re load either on to another truck on your truck we carry all materials handling equipment for load transfering